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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 7, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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♪ >> breaking news at 11:00. frustration boils over in southwest philadelphia. a neighborhood in crisis. anger over the tragic deaths of four young children in weekend row home fire. allegations that fire crews took too long to get to the scene. the mayor says it's not true. >> the members of the philadelphia fire department and in particular the members serving at engine 40 and ladder
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four responded in a very timely fashion. >> mayor nutter trying to ease the tension in the neighborhood tonight. we will hear from him in just a moment. good evening, i'm chris may. >> i'm jessica dean. that scene escalated quickly as about 200 protesters filled the streets near 65th and woodland tonight. tensions were running high as officials met with residents of a neighborhood still coming to grips with the loss of four children and the destruction of eight homes in a weekend fire. residents say emergency crews were slow to respond. officials say that is just not the case. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones is live at the scene tonight. todd? >> reporter: jessica, anger and frustration boiled over in the streets here tonight of southwest philadelphia. as protesters marched on the very same fire station that responded to saturday's deadly fire. police officers clashed with protesters at times in southwest
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philadelphia monday night several people were detained as some shouted, calling firefighters murderers. >> another woman suffered an apparent seizure during the protest. seeing the woman lying in the street touched off even more anger. police officers put her in the back of a police car and took her to the hospital. >> back up! >> early saturday morning four young children of liberian decent killed in a quick moving fire. three alarm fire broke out on porch of the home on the 6500 block of gesner street. many people here in this liberian community are angry much this man did not want his face shown. >> i'm not happy because we not getting no answers. we're not getting no answers from the fire department. >> protesterings believe firefighters should have gotten to the fire sooner. the fire station is just a few hundred blocks away essentially right around the corner from the home where the children were killed. the fire department indicates the first firefighters were on scene within three minutes. which is under the required response time.
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>> fire station that's so close and some of the logistics of getting the call and responding to fire and the speed of a fire so i think people are upset because they feel like those lives should not have been lost. >> reporter: well into the evening protesters marched in front of the house that was destroyed by the fire. many were still shouting as community leaders were asking for calm. >> most of the kids are trying toughen out their frustrations of what happened, what tuck place. we want to do it the best way possible and not this way. >> reporter: the crowd has since diss perked here this evening. officially there were two people arrested as for that woman who suffered those seizures she was taken to the hospital where she right now is listed in stable condition. as for the cause of saturday's deadly fire, that remains under investigation tonight. roaring live tonight in southwest philadelphia, todd quinones cbs-3 "eyewitness new news". >> and todd, i know there have been some questions about this. do we know now if there were
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working smoke detectors in that home? >> reporter: jessica, we don't know for sure but what we do know the fire department last year handed out 40 working smoke detectordetectors along this blk including two working smoke detectors to the home where the fire started. >> all right. todd quinn nope live for us. thank you. >> mayor michael nutter just held a press conference to make it clear emergency personnel did nothing wrong. he said neighborhood rumors suggesting otherwise are out right lies. >> the community is hurt. they're in pain. they're trying to express themselves. i get that. the firefighters did their job. they're not the bad people here. it wasn't a lack of service. >> our guys take it to heart, and they take it home, and, um, speaking from my own experiences and speaking from many of the men and women in the fire department, we see these
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children in the face of their own kids when we get home. >> in fact he says the firefighters did he say patched themselves when they learned there was fire in their neighbor. and it only took one minute and sick seconds to get to the scene after they were notified. >> now to philadelphia row homes crumbling tonight investigators are looking into the cause of this collapse in the cobbs creek neighborhood. it has left 10 people homeless tonight. now, we can show you with the help of google street view the block before the collapse it was these two homes that suffered the brunt of the damage. here is 6015 spruce and 6017 spruce. they were damaged when a roof collapsed. "eyewitness news" reporter elizabeth hur was in this neighborhood tonight where some are still in disbelief. >> never in my life. even 10 years in the military never seen it. >> i grew up there. report roar his childhood home demolish but his heart still filled with gratitude.
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>> as soon as i figure out what was actually going on, this was the first thank i thought about. >> reporter: daniel chapman after crews managed to recover this urn with his father's ashes inside. >> he passed away in 19 into the i think about him every day. >> reporter: shortly before noon chapman round his mother's spruce street home only to learn it was too late. two homes including theirs had collapsed and their dogs reported missing. fortunately the dogs were later found unharmed. but what went wrong remained a mystery. >> i think they should take a better look at all these houses on the block. just to make sure. >> reporter: calling the concerns understandable, l andism inspectors spent monday evening going from door to door checking the basement walls and foundations in every home in the six to us seasoned block of spruce street. according to l andism there is no history of violations or complaints from the affected properties. and they believe preliminarily the party wall between 6015 and 6017 spruce street gave way for
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some reason. >> we just continue to move on. you know, nothing is easy. >> not easy but, again, they say they are so grateful no one was home and no one was hurt. now, official tell us as far as the affected families are concerned, some people are staying with relatives while according to the red cross they are assisting two families as the work here continues. reporting from cobbs creek, i'm elizabeth hur cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> police involved shooting in mt. laurel, camden county today ends with a trooper hurt and a suspect in custody. chopper three over the fellowship road parking lot of the a lot of hoe physical just after 2:00 this afternoon. you can see police tape around this vehicle with a damaged windshield. we're told that suspect was placed in handcuffs after being shot in the arm. police would not discuss what happened there. only to say the arrest was part of an on-going investigation. >> a law office down the shore goes up in flames. firefighters responded to long
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beach boulevard and east 21st street in ship bottom on long beach island. chopper three got this aerial view of the fire. flames broke out this afternoon at the law offices of shackleton and hazel teen. the fire appears to have started on the upper floor but nobody was injured. >> new tonight a loaded gun found inside a philadelphia school. a loaded use see turned up today inside a locker at the walter dee palmer leadership partner charter school in frankford. officials changing locker combinations found that gun. no students were at the school at the time. it's unclear how long the gun had been there. >> 13 year old tia hudson is hospitalized tonight after being shot while sleeping in bed. the bullet went right through the wall of her home on hathaway drive early this morning. another bullet went through another house across the street breaking glass and you cut ago woman there. tia's shifter was there when that shooting happened. >> i just heard gunshots. i got down. i didn't pay attention until i heard tia scream. iran to my mom and we turned
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around she was like crawling towards us like she was bleeding. >> police say there was a gun fight on the corner there but they don't know yet who fired or why. pennsylvania state senate is set to vote tomorrow on a proposed cigarette tax designed to generate money for the cash strapped philadelphia school diss track. mayor michael nutter and lawmakers pushed for its passage today. if that bill is approved and signed into law by governor corbett, philadelphia smokers would pay an extra $2 her pack that would generate about $83 million in revenue each ye year. mayor nutter is promising full review of friday night's welcome america concert on the parkway. the performances there by nicky minaj, ed sheeran and others were peppered with offensive language. mayor says the concert organizers are make the concert family safe and he says the city will try to make sure next year's a bit more g rated. >> a ride goes wrong breaking
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right now a roller coaster gets stuck and there are people injured. we'll have details next. >> plus -- >> reporter: he's trapped in body that doesn't work. just standing is an ordeal. from happy days at the shore to being incapacitated and cared for like baby. >> dr. after doctor would say, all his tests fine. >> doctors say what happened to chris could happen to anyone. i'm health reporter stephanie stahl. that story is next. >> in weather we're talking about some showers and thunderstorms on storm scan3. firing up through the poconos and the lehigh valley. what to expect tomorrow as severe weather threat returns. that's coming up as "eyewitness news" at 11:00 continues.
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>> breaking news in southern california right now. you are looking at a rescue effort after a roller coaster malfunctioned stranding riders 20 feet in the air. we're told four people did suffer minor injuries. this is the ninja coaster. riders are suspended in carts beneath that track as you can see. it is unclear exactly what went wrong. >> the nfl and 4500 former players have now agreed to settle a concussion related lawsuit that was filed in philadelphia. that ruling comes two weeks after the nfl agreed to remove a $675 million cap on damages. the settlement is designed to
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last 65 years and cover retired players who develop neurological conditions resulting from head injuries during their playing days. new developments to night in a west coast shark attack. we talked exclusive today with the lifeguard who helped save the life of a california man. lifeguard who is originally from our area. when longies tans swimmer steven was attacked by a 7-foot great white shark near man hasn't beach philadelphia's nick mack company was among the first to respond. nick hails from the northeast and attended archbishop ryan. before he moved to california to be a lifeguard, he manned the stands in north wildwood. he talked with us about helping that swimmer. >> we rolled him on to our paddle board and saw the amount of blood. that's why we put it together, okay, we have do something real right now. >> nick says it was only because of his training that he was able to stay calm and successfully provide care to the man. he also says that he wasn't
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alone. that it was big team effort. now to the emotional story of life turned upside down. a delaware county man left totally incapacitated because of an easily contracted disease that was misdiagnosed multiple times ton night his family says their son's story should serve as a warning to others. here's health reporter stephanie stahl. >> reporter: 34 year old chris, is a prisoner in his own body. just standing up is an ordeal. he can't feed himself or talk much but his parents say his mind is fine. he understands everything. >> do you like going outside? um-hmm. >> it's very frustrating. obviously it's very dishearte disheartening. it's -- we've had our days of tears. >> for his parents, it's heartbreaking to see chris who had been such a free spirit. he loved to travel and try new restaurants. now he can't chew or do anything for himself. >> it's very difficult. it's like every day we look for
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like a little pinch of hope. >> it's a demanding job taking care of chris. that's why his dad john is working part time overnights. >> i'm john have a layer row at cbs broadcast center. >> john says five years ago his family was living a normal life. chris was healthy and working in landscaping. then one day his fingers started twitching. >> a couple months later progress to do his hand. shaking and at that important i knew we had to start seeing doctors. >> john and his wife beth say they took their son to all kinds of specialists. no one would explain what was happening. >> dr. after doctor would say, all his tests every fine. one doctor even said, he's a young guy. he's just going to have to learn to live with. >> his family claims he was misdiagnosed several times first with anxiety. then ms and parkinson's. a test for lyme disease was negative. but then chris developed several co infections associated with lime like rocky mountain spotted fever.
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finally after three years of searching a specialized blood test confirmed lime caused by a tick bite. >> this is a real public health threat. chris' doctor now is richard horowitz renowned lime expert in hide park, new york. he wrote a book called why can't i get better solving the mystery of lime and chronic disease. >> we have to realize that this has spread. it's imitating all of these different diseases, and people really need to understand the signs and symptoms and the unreliability. blood test. >> lime can usually be cured with anti buck but chris is among a growing number of dr. horowitz patient who's were diagnosed late and developed chronic lime with serious complications. so alternative treatments are being tried. among them, an infrared sauna some claim the heat helps release toxins. >> we get the vast margo are the of our patients better it's not something yet that has been i would say widely adopted by the medical community. >> the doctor thinks patient
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chronic lime can't filter toxic properly. he uses detox supplements to treat company infections. >> he can't swallow pills. so we crush them up. >> chris gets about 60 medications and supplements a day. they're expensive and not completely covered by insurance. among many issues the family is confronting. >> at first we were just devastated by it. but that devastation has been replaced by a determination of fight. >> some doctors say lyme disease has become an epidemic in our area and it's especially bad in the some are. you're at highest risk in areas where deer are prevalent and some times there's a bulls eye type rash but not always. other symptoms are flu-like. chris' case is rare. most patients recover. but early diagnosis and treatment is critical. we have a lot more information for you at click on health. i'm stephanie stahl cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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>> thanks, stephanie. >> in weather tonight we're talking about more warm and humid conditions moving our way across the delaware valley. and that spells more summertime storms to deal with. take look outside where folks have been beating the heat down the shore. it's quiet no now a view from or skycam3 in ocean city cape may county. a very busy vacation week. on storm scan3 tracking showers and thunderstorms at another resort the poconos these storms have moved through now in the northern edge or fringes of the lehigh valley north lamb town and lehigh counties moving into northern new jersey and new york city. but the threat of severe weather will be there again during the day tomorrow. especially through the lehigh valley normal northern berks county and heading into the poconos and northeast pennsylvania. looking for heavy downpours, frequent cloud to ground lightning. storms earlier this evening to the north and west had a history of winds in excess of 60 miles an hour. rain cooled 67 in the poconos.
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allentown 82. 84 in philadelphia. and you can see down the shore temperatures have cooled down into the 70s. cold front is setting off the showers and storms. it will slowly move eastward and as it does, it will encounter this warm humid air mass over the delaware valley. tomorrow temperatures in the 90s. with some showers and storms especially north and west. during the day wednesday the front gets closer so the threat gets a little bit closer to philadelphia. and then once this swings through, we get a refreshing change. high pressure builds in. northwesterly winds little bit of a breeze. drier conditions. it will be much more comfortable to be outside thursday even friday and into the weekend on saturday. here's the probability of precipitation or the chance of rain over the flexible couple of days. tuesday 60% chance with showers and storms. a better chance on wednesday and you can see thursday and friday practically not a chance. we're looking a the high pressure and dry conditions. overnight tonight partly cloudy, warm and muggy the low temperature 74. during the day on tuesday, some
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afternoon scattered storms but especially north and west of the city. as you head toward the lehigh valley the high temperature 94. the forecast high for wednesday is 90 that would make it our second official heat wave within one week and expect some showers and storms. noticeably less humid thursday, friday, saturday. and then that heat and humidity comes back for sunday and monday with a threat of a shower or storm. now you can have your weather on the go track those storms any time from the poconos to the city to the shore. go and check out our cbs philly weather app. you can download it free from cbs-3. check live radar, get severe weather alerts and more. it's cbs philly weather app now available for apple products and android version is coming soon. >> it will be great when you start having these pop up thunderstorm it's nice to be able to track that on the radar. i was on vacation last week down the shore to make sure i was in the clear. >> right in the palm of your hand. >> lesley is here now if there
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was a time for the phillies to live up to their nickname now is the time to start. >> phillies kind of stumble no milwaukee after losing nine out of 10 games. the gm not happy about it. i'll tell you what he said about his team
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>> phillies gm are you ben amaro, jr. has seen enough before tonight's game against the brewers he said changes could be coming for the team offense. the phillies won and five on the road trip batting a buck 70 right now. to the first inning ben revere
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on third. all star second baseman chase utley goes deep over the right field wall. phillies take the lead. third inning utley on first. ryan howard at bat. hits a fly ball into right field for a hit. chase was running on the pitch beats the throw at home. and the fightings will take three to nothing lead. cole hamels finally got some run support something he hasn't had much of this season. he went six and two-thirds innings giving up two runs on seven hits, struck out seven. right now the phillies lead it three to two in the ninth. >> carlos ruiz continues to make progress after suffering a concussion june 26th. tested again today and gm says the test went well but he'll not be back before the all star break. cliff lee also will not be back for the break. he'll pitch wednesday for single a clearwater and require one more minor league start after. >> sixers flush with cash. 31 million under the salary cap giving gm sam hinkie the ability to trade for expiring cracks for draft picks.
11:27 pm
the knicks are looking to trade stottlemeier and shall bert to the sixers stottlemeier the last year of his contract 23 millions the knicks do not have lot of draft picks stay tuned on this one. >> sixers will resume summer league action tomorrow against houston. nerlins noel is expected to be back in the lineup. he was revved debut after a great debut saturday against orlando. he scored 19 points on six for 11 shooting. >> prior to the soul tonight taking on the predators at the wells fargo center, the wounded warriors amputee football team took on former eagles and media members and honor of military appreciation night. this one wasn't even close. the wounded warriors win it 63 63-35. >> the soul needs a win to stay in contention for a play off spot final play of the third quarter the game tied. dan connecting with tiger jones for the score. the soul within 42-35. we'll be right back with more news. ♪
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>> what happened to humpty dumpty no secret when it actually happened in oregon it came as a shock. sculpture has been sitting a top a wall at the enchanted forest theme park since nope 71. this weekend two visitors hoping to snap a picture accidentally knocked him to the ground and you guessed it, the fall caused
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humpty dumpty to shatter. the artist and perhaps all the kings horses and all the kings men are willing to try and make a new one and those visitors have offered to foot the bill. good luck to humpty. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> thank you for watching "eyewitness news" at 11:00 o'clock. we're back in the morning at 4:30 with ukee washington and nicole brewer.
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